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Why Royal Experts Think Prince Andrew Is Being Abandoned By Sarah Ferguson After Her Latest Move

East Sarah Fergusson consider giving up Prince Andrew? A tabloid claims that Ferguson wants to flee before it’s too late. Here’s the latest gossip about the Duke and Duchess of York.

Sarah Ferguson in “Crisis Talks” with her daughters?

The most recent edition of new idea reports that Sarah Ferguson is losing faith in her ex-husband Prince Andrew. As Ferguson stood by Andrew when Virginia Giuffre filed her first complaint alleging Andrew sexually assaulted her when she was just 17, her position is finally beginning to waver. As Andrew prepares to face the charges in New York, Ferguson has taken his daughters, Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, for a holiday trip to the resort town of Verbier in Switzerland.

“It’s an interesting time that Fergie has chosen now to go on a family vacation with the girls given that so far she has been staying at the Royal Lodge with Andrew,” a source notes. “Things are getting more and more complicated for Andrew, and it looks like it’s getting too difficult for Fergie.”

And now Ferguson has a decision to make. It becomes clear that even if Andrew is found innocent in court, he will never escape this scandal. “I guess Fergie has to decide if she’s going down with him or not,” remarks the tipster. But her daughters don’t want their mother to risk her reputation.

“Beatrice and Eugenie are taking advantage of this trip to carefully plan their mother’s next move,” the source explains. “They will be fine, because they have their grandmother’s full support. But Fergie risks becoming an outcast by association with Andrew. The girls think the best thing to do is get Fergie to shut up. She might struggle with this as she has an unwavering sense of loyalty to Andrew.

Are Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie telling their mother to “shut up”?

There’s a lot to unpack here. First of all, there’s nothing strange about the timing of Sarah Ferguson’s trip. Ferguson once told a Swiss newspaper Le Nouvelliste which is visited Verbier almost every year since the age of 16 and even briefly worked as a chalet girl. And after marrying Andrew, they bought a house in Verbier.

“Since that first visit, I have been coming back regularly for holidays in Verbier,” explained Ferguson. “My family has followed me over the years. We feel free and happy, we feel at home. Anyway, I call it “my house”.

Ferguson’s trips to Verbier have been almost annual, so it’s not at all strange that she decided to vacation there this year. Especially considering she welcomed her first two grandkids in 2021, we’re sure she wanted to make their first Christmas extra special.

And while Andrew probably regrets not being able to do so because of his ongoing legal battle, there’s no reason to automatically assume that Ferguson has “abandoned” him. Ultimately, this entire report is speculation, and we have no way of really knowing how Ferguson plans to handle Prince Andrew’s ongoing legal battle.

The tabloid on Prince Andrew

It’s hard to trust anything new idea said about Prince Andrew. Around this time last year, the outlet claimed that Andrew and Ferguson were planning to remarry. Then the magazine alleged that Andrew was “homeless and broke” after Queen Elizabeth disowned him. Since none of these stories turned out to be true, we hesitate to believe new ideathe latest gossip from Prince Andrew.

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