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Top 5 Investments Made by Celebrities in 2021

Making the right kind of investment ensures that wealth increases exponentially. Over the years, celebrities all over the world have sought to increase their wealth by investing in various fields of endeavor. This year was no different, many of them seized many opportunities to dramatically increase their wealth by making huge investments.

Data available shows that celebrities have invested around $ 38 million per investment firm, on average, and a third of them have invested more than $ 100 million in a single investment fund.

Below, we underline high five investments made by celebrities in 2021.

  • Jay Z’s investment in Cannabis Payment Company

Billionaire musician Jay Z has made a number of huge investments in 2021. One of those investments was made in cannabis payment company Flowhub. He has invested a reported $ 19 million in a joint venture with Headline and Poseidon. Flowhub, valued at $ 200 million according to Forbes, helps cannabis dispensaries process payments.

Founder and CEO of Flowhub, Kyle Sherman, expressing his joy in a press release, said, “We are delighted to announce this capital increase. Headline is an incredible Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm, Poseidon is a pioneering investor in the cannabis industry, and Jay Z is a global cultural and creative force no matter what industry he’s involved in.

Jay Z’s investment follows his partnership with Calivia in 2019, through which his own cannabis brand was launched last year. The hip hop star also plays the role of chief strategist for the Calivia brand.

  • Kevin Durant’s $ 200 Million Investment in PSPC

Famous NBA star Kevin Durant has endorsed a black check company through his Infinite Acquisition Corp, filing a $ 200 million initial public offering. Infinite Acquisition focuses its acquisition strategy on companies in industries such as sports, healthcare, e-commerce, food and crypto.

Durant will join the PSPC leadership team alongside entrepreneur Rich Kleiman, the duo who previously co-founded venture capital firm Thirty Five Ventures. Durant’s Infinite Acquisition Corp has said it will repurchase all of its shares for cash if it does not complete a merger within a year and a half of the offer closing. They offer 20 million units at $ 10 each.

  • Justin Bieber’s investment in a social network dedicated to adolescents

Popular musician Justin Bieber recently led an initial investment of $ 1.1 million in a new social network aimed at teens. The social network known as “Photos of meWas developed by brothers John and Sam Shadidi.

According to the brothers, they became aware of Bieber’s interest after the music star tweeted about his progress in their games. Since then, they have ensured his involvement in product testing and providing feedback. Bieber is apparently in agreement with Shots of Me’s plans to deal with cyberbullying and the focus on teens.

  • Zuckerberg’s $ 53 million investment in 600 acres in Hawaii

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made a huge investment in the Hawaiian landscape, acquiring an additional 600 acres, bringing his total ownership to 1,300 acres. The 600 acres of the island of Kauai were purchased for a tempting sum of $ 53 million.

The purchase was made from a local nonprofit called Waioli Corp., and, according to Pacific Business News, the area is known for its lush greenery and is home to exotic plants and wildlife.

A number of native Hawaiians owned tiny plots of land around his previously acquired property in the same area, and soon after his purchase of Hawaiian land, Mark encouraged locals to sell their small property so that he may have greater privacy in his new land.

Sam Pratt, chairman of Waioli, said the nonprofit that owns the land has given a long thought to the decision to proceed with the sale, ultimately deciding to sell the land.

Indeed, the decision “gives Waioli the financial capacity to continue our critical conservation and history work.” He added that “we know that this land will remain in their trusted hands and that Mark and Priscilla will act as responsible stewards of Lepeuli today and into the future.”

  • David Beckham’s investment in Guild Esports

Retired soccer star David Beckham has consistently been one of the highest paid footballers throughout his playing career. In addition to making a fortune from his playing days, Beckham has, over time, made a number of wise investment decisions. he supported Guild Esports, a London based company, by investing $ 319,000 in June.

He went on to become the face of the company, a deal that will net him nearly $ 20 million over the next five years., according to The Esports Observer. Furthermore, David will receive 15% of all Guild merchandising and sponsorship income.

There are also guarantees in place, which means that in the worst-case scenario, he would still make around $ 10 million. Additionally, he owns a 4.78% stake in Guild Esports, making him the 4the biggest investor. It’s worth £ 1.56million at current market cap levels.

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