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Indiana’s Studebaker museum to restore ‘Muppet Movie’ car | Entertainment

The restoration project will study the film and photos to match the paint job in the film (as the film’s story goes, the paint scheme was camouflage so the car would blend into a certain soda billboard. ). This time, however, a more durable paint will be used.

“We want to make it appear as correctly as possible, but also use stable materials,” Beckman said.

Likewise, the museum aims to restore the engine so that it can be driven safely – not necessarily on open roads but to position it in auto shows where it could be an “eye-catcher”.

Under the trunk, the gas tank had been removed and replaced by a small container under the engine hood. This created room in the trunk for a seat, steering wheel, and controls for a small, hidden human who would see the road through a camera. The camera looked through a hole in the nose of the bullet where the “bullet” was removed.

The restoration will still show the unique accessories in the trunk, which are currently on display, but for safer handling. Beckman said the steering wheel and controls will return to the driver’s seat.

Restorers will also have to deal with headliner on the ceiling and badly deteriorated seats.

Beckman said the project will take several months and will be carried out by LaVine Restorations, a Nappanee company that specializes in restoring vintage and classic cars and has worked on several of the museum’s vehicles.





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