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Getting $120 Million Divorce After Health Crisis

East Bill clinton divorce plan Hillary? While the tabloids have spread numerous rumors about the Clinton family this year, one outlet has gone so far as to claim that the former president is leaving his wife after nearly dying. Let’s take another look at the story.

Bill Clinton in search of “120 million dollars of divorce”?

Just this month, the World reported that Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage was nearly dead. According to the article, Bill’s recent stint in the hospital gave him new life and he didn’t want to waste any more time being married to Hillary. “Bill doesn’t care what people think after his hospital stay anymore,” an insider said. “For years he cared about keeping up appearances, first for his own political career, then for advancing Hillary’s candidacy for the White House and finally for the success of their charitable foundation.”

The prognosticator continued: “He is no longer willing to live a lie, even for the benefit of his three grandchildren from his daughter Chelsea. He was only 60 minutes from death and it forced him to rethink all of his priorities. But a doctor who had not treated Bill warned that the stress of a divorce could put his fragile health over the edge. “The stress of the divorce, combined with her recent medical emergency, apparently had a huge effect on her body weight,” the expert explained. “Divorce is the most upsetting lifestyle development I can think of! “

Bill Clinton rushes into “deathbed divorce”?

This report was wrong for several reasons. First of all, Bill might have been ill, but he wasn’t exactly on his “deathbed”. True, the former president stayed a few nights in the hospital, but his team was adamant that his sepsis was not acute. Shortly after receiving antibiotics, Bill was allowed to go home. If he hadn’t sought treatment, who knows how badly things could have turned out? But luckily he caught it early on and it looks like he’s on the road to recovery.

A spokesperson for Bill recently allayed public concerns. The latest update on the politician read: “He is on the mend, in good spirits and is incredibly grateful to the doctors, nurses and staff who provide him with excellent care.” With that in mind, we seriously doubt that he would make rash decisions about his marriage based solely on his recent illness.

The Clintons tabloid

It’s no surprise that our best Bill Clinton story of the year came from World. The tabloid has a long history of lying about the Clintons, and this report was no different. Last year, the magazine claimed that Bill was secretly dying of cancer. Next, the outlet reported that Hillary Clinton’s “bloat” was facing her own health crisis. And as recently as November, the publication claimed that Bill was “on the verge of death.” Given the World, we knew better than to trust everything he said about the 42nd US president.




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