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‘Frisky’ Steve Harvey’s Reported ‘Horndog’ Ways Has Wife Marjorie Begging For A Break, Shady Sources Claim

AT Steve Harvey’s marriage with his wife Marjorie suffered after the Family quarrel the host dropped “a superb 30 pounds”? A tabloid claims this week that the 64-year-old broadcast legend is driving his wife crazy with her intimate demands, and Marjorie is more than a little put off by her husband acting like a “horny teenager.” Gossip cop investigating this latest rumor.

Marjorie Harvey finds Steve “boring” after weight loss?

According to this week’s issue of National investigatorSo-called “horndog” Steve Harvey is feeling better than ever after losing 30 pounds in the past few months, but his wife, Marjorie, would not appreciate her husband’s new outlook on life. Sources tell the store that Marjorie is proud of Steve for losing and keeping the weight off, but his increased debauchery has caused some tension.

“Marjorie complains that Steve is like a horny teenager with nothing but sex in his brain,” a source told the magazine. “It was fun at first, but she’s had enough.” The tabloid says Steve is “acting like a newlywed” after his weight loss, but his wife for nearly 15 years has had enough.

“His libido is at its peak, and poor Marjorie is asking for a break,” sniffs the chatterer before adding: “He’s always been a dashing guy, and he wants more love time than he can handle. . ” Despite his wife’s apparent misgivings about his renewed libido, Steve would feel like the rooster for the ride. “After losing all that weight, Steve is a changed man. He proudly declares himself as a lump of burning love.

Pro Weight Loss, Against “Horndog” Behavior

“Marjorie thinks it’s good that he’s feeling good and keeping the weight off,” the source concludes, “but his demeanor is getting a little boring. She doesn’t need more lingerie from him no more. Sometimes she would just like a new appliance! Yes, both acceptable gifts for your wife: lingerie or a household appliance. Applicant live in a place where this kind of old-fashioned sexism is not only endorsed by a publisher, but continues to be published?

Gossip Cop’s take on this silly rumor

We will not stoop to Applicant level and speculate on the Harveys sex life, but we will point out that it is a total myth that female sexuality disappears after 50. What prevents older women from fully living their sexuality as they age are cultural norms and attitudes. misconceptions, those that the Applicant is guilty of committing. More and more women are find sexual freedom as you get older, which makes this story all the more difficult to swallow.

Has Steve Harvey Lost 30 Pounds? It’s clear he’s lost weight, but we don’t know where the tabloid got his “30 pound” figure from. There was an article of Gasoline in 2020 who claimed the popular TV host lost 30 pounds, but cites information from 2007.

A trope that is repeated in the tabloids

We would also like to note that the Applicant has a habit of speculating about celebrity weight gain and loss who always mysteriously claim that the difference in weight is always between 20 and 50 pounds. The outlet also claimed that Tom Cruise and Whoopi Goldberg “gained weight” in recent articles.

Its sister outlet, the World, often publishes weight-based celebrity stories that also fall within these parameters, as shown in these articles on Luke Bryan and Elton John, where “Lardy Luke” stacked 40 pounds (still “stack” and “pack” with these shady selling points)) and “emaciated” Elton John lost 30 pounds. It’s almost as if all of these stories were made up and the only reason the donated number of books was being used was in order to build up shock value.




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