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All you need to know

Gael García Bernal is said to be the leader of a werewolf-focused Halloween special that would be Werewolf by Night.

As revealed by The Envelope, actor Gael García Bernal, winner of a Golden Globe, will star in the untitled Marvel Studios Halloween Special for Disney Plus.

Details of this project are still quite scarce, but insiders believe the character could be based on Marvel Comics’ Werewolf by Night character.

Now this name can be confusing as it is a name synonymous with two different characters – Jack Russell and Jake Gomez.

But what do we know about this mystery project, its concept and its possible main character?

Who and what is Werewolf by Night?

Via concepts from Stan Lee and Roy Thomas, the Jack Russell iteration of Werewolf by Night was created by Gerry Conway, Jeanie Thomas and Mike Ploog. Russell first appeared in Marvel projector n ° 2 in 1972. After this success, he became a regular headlining character in the series. Werewolf by night which ended in 1977 after 43 issues.

Russell, from birth, is cursed for being an enchanted lycanthrope – a creature capable of changing form from a human to a wolf-like creature (i.e. a werewolf), possibly without the using a full moon and retaining full use of their minds. faculties in this form. Raised in Los Angeles with his sister Lissa, he first became a werewolf at 18 and discovered that his stepfather Philip Russell (legally changed from Philip Russoff) was in fact his biological uncle.

Blaming his uncle for the curse, Jack struggled with his werewolf changes during a full moon, though despite themselves, Jack was mostly reliable in taking precautions. However, there were several victims. Jack at one point met “The Three Who Are All” which allowed him to switch from man to beast at will.

The second and current werewolf

Another version of Werewolf by Night is Jake Gomez who first appeared last year. Unlike Russell, the Second Incarnation, who is part of a Native American Hopi tribe, is able to transform without using the full moon right at the start of his werewolf journey, but he lacks control.

Inheriting his family’s curse, Gomez came into contact with a sinister pharmaceutical company that was exploiting tribal members.

With two rich characters to work with, it’s unclear which version – if any – García Bernal will portray.

Is the night werewolf in Moon Knight?

Werewolf by Night shared quite a story with Moon Knight at Marvel. In fact, the latter character first appeared in the Beast’s own series in the mid-1970s. Moon Knight’s first major role was to capture Russell for the secret organization known as the Committee, but when ‘he learned of their intention to turn Lissa into a werewolf, the unlikely duo took out the infamous group.

Now there has been speculation that the character could appear in the next Moon knight series before making the front page of his own (whether this is the Halloween special confirmed or not, remains to be seen). Considering that Werewolf by Night shares a supernatural element and was the Fist of Khonshu’s first target, that would make sense.

Now whether or not he could appear is debatable as filming ended before García Bernal was cast, so any kind of substantial role is unlikely, although a short appearance may not be entirely out. about.

What do you think of the fact that Gael García Bernal is potentially a night werewolf? Are you looking forward to the Halloween special? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!




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